Our Mission

McCoy & McCoy Laboratories, Inc., a professional team of scientists and business leaders, is dedicated to customer partnerships. It is our collective mission to provide timely and defensible analytical data to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, agricultural, industrial and governmental laboratory users. We are successful by fostering accomplishment through teamwork, quality management, and a commitment to excellence.


We will minimize our consumption of energy, water and other resources and strive to reduce all waste and pollution that our activities generate. Our endeavor is to operate our business in a manner that is conducive to minimizing harm to the environment. We will routinely evaluate the impact of our activities, processes, and behaviors on the natural environment to identify which processes cause the greatest impact. As part of these endeavors, we will:

  • Evaluate the services we provide, and the collateral damage we make in providing those services (pollution of all kinds)
  • Monitor our energy, water and other resources we utilize within our processes.

We will use this approach in order to recognize our most significant impacts and costs associated with those impacts. We will then find alternatives for reducing environmental impacts while also reducing cost. To identify these alternatives we will utilize the following guidance:

  • Are there opportunities to gain efficiencies, reduce risk and reduce cost while reducing waste and resource consumption?
  • Are there opportunities to redesign how we provide our services, our processes, or our workplaces to reduce our use of natural resources, reduce the energy we use, and reduce the waste we generate?
  • Can we re-define our industry through sustainable innovation?
  • Can we create a new business models that will differentiate our brand and fundamentally reposition our company in the analytical industry?



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Our corporate office is located in Madisonville, KY with other offices in Lexington, KY, Louisville, KY, Paducah, KY, Pikeville, KY and Farmersburg, IN.



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