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MMLI’s analytical and data reporting procedures operate within a comprehensive QA/QC program focusing on final data integrity. We view data integrity as a fragile commodity that is susceptible to compromise at every stage of the analytical process, from sample acquisition to data review. To ensure our data is defensible, even under legal examination, MMLI maintains a comprehensive QA/QC program predicated on the NELAC protocols.

Every analysis is performed following approved laboratory methods and protocols. In-depth, internal laboratory audits are routinely completed to identify and correct laboratory deficiencies. The skills of our analytical staff are evaluated through third-party blind studies, audits, and performance evaluations. Our thorough QA/QC program is dedicated to providing our customers with the reliable, dependable, and legally defensible data they require.



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Our corporate office is located in Madisonville, KY with other offices in Lexington, KY, Louisville, KY, Paducah, KY, Pikeville, KY and Farmersburg, IN.



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