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NEW EPA UCMR4 Monitoring Program

McCoy & McCoy Laboratories, Inc. (MMLI) has been a leader in the Safe Drinking Water Act since its inception in 1974.  We support hundreds of public and private water systems in their efforts to comply with the SDWA testing programs.

MMLI is developing and seeking approval by U.S. EPA for all Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 4 (UCMR4) test methods. All methods are expected to be approved by January 1, 2018. Those UCMR4 test methods include:

  • Total Microcystins by ADDA ELISA EPA 546
  • Microcystins by EPA 544
  • Anatoxin-a & Cylindrospermopsin by EPA 545
  • Metals: Germanium & Manganese by EPA 200.8
  • Pesticides & Pesticide Byproducts by EPA 525.3
  • Alcohols by EPA 541
  • Semi-Volatile Compounds by EPA 530
  • Haloacetic Compounds by EPA 552.3
  • Total Organic Carbon by SM 5310B
  • Bromide by EPA 300.0

Services included in our UCMR4 monitoring program:

  • Automatic upload of all UCMR4 data directly into EPA CDX SDWARS in accordance with EPA requirements.
  • EPA approved sample collection instructions for those clients that collect their own UCMR4 samples.
  • Professional Field Services for clients within our regional offices.
  • Pre-preserved and labeled sample bottles which comply with OSHA regulations.
  • Pre-labeled sample bottles compliant to the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.
  • Immediate sample receipt notifications via email.
  • Dedicated Project Manager with direct lines.

For more Informational regarding the UCMR4 monitoring rules please click the link below:

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